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About Caleb

Caleb’s Story

Who in Canada knows more about Cannabis than me? Serious question.

I began my career writing for a small (now defunct) economics blog. From there, I made connections in the B.C. Bud cannabis industry. This was before legalization, and my work took me into the underground economy. There I got a first-hand account of how cannabis works in Canada. When the laws began to change, I was right there researching and documenting it all for my clients.

Because of this experience, my cannabis writings are in trade journals, magazines, and various websites. While cannabis isn’t my only expertise, it is my niche. If you need copy or content, I’m your guy.

Why me?

When people buy things, they’re not just buying the thing. People want an experience. They want a relationship. Who they are buying from? What is the company like? People want a positive experience. They like having a relationship with you or your company. That’s where I come in.

Super Efficient

Get the job done quickly and on time.

Deeply Committed

Highly Skilled